Returning Students


Returning Students

1)   Please update your application on this website every semester.

2)  Please take a cell phone picture of last semesters grades and next semesters schedule and e-mail these to .  Please make sure the picture includes your name and college ID number.

3)  In order to qualify for the full scholarship ($1000 per semester), you must be a full-time student and taking courses that will ultimately qualify you for a degree/certificate.
Full time means that you are taking 9 hours for the first two semesters after high school and 12 hours per semester after that.
If you have to work or have other responsibilities that prevent you from being a full-time student, the scholarship will pay your tuition.  Please send a copy of your tuition statement.

4)  When this information is received, your scholarship will be sent to your school.  If you are going to an out of town school, please provide the name and address of the person/place to whom we should send the money.