First Time Students


First Time Students:  In order to qualify for the scholarship you must:

1)   Graduate from high school.  This can be any high school.  If you move out of town and graduate from an out of town high school you are still qualified.  There is no high school GPA requirement for first time students.

2)  You must be a good citizen.  This includes being alcohol and drug free.

3)  You must apply for your scholarship.  This can be done by completing the application on this website.

4)  You must be accepted to a college/tech school. Then  you must provide the Webb Scholarship Director with a copy of your class schedule.  This can be done by taking a cell phone picture of your schedule and e-mailing it to  .  Be sure the picture includes your name and your college ID number.

5)  You must be a full-time student and on a path to receive a degree/certificate.  It is recommended that you take 12 hours, however for the first two semesters out of high school we will consider 9 hours as full time. If you are working another job or have other responsibilities this may be a good plan.  You can also go to summer school and we will pay your tuition.